Unable to Locate WD Sofware for Retrieval of Back Up

Good afternoon, I am not particularly tech savvy so please excuse any element of ignorance where detailing the issue that I am currently experiencing: I had a major problem with my laptop that necessitated my getting the whole operating system re-installed, apparently the issue related to windows corruption. Fortunately, I had take a back up of all my files etc using my WD Passport . Unfortunately, whilst my computer picks up the Passport in the ‘E Drive’ it merely displays a file titled “WD SmartWare.swstor” which open opening then details “RUSSELLT1” and then a rather long winded alpha numeric file name beginning “Volume” In short, I cannot seem to get the WD software that was previously working, which displayed details of the back up and various sizes and types of files backed up, to show up. In fact there is absolutely nothing that comes up with WD emblem or anything recognisable other than the file name previously detailed. Please can someone let me know what I need to do to rectify this problem. Many thanks Russell

Hi, WD SmartWare.swstor" is the smartware backup folder, to recover you files you can explore that folder and find your files or you can download smartware and installed on your computer, check the link below for the download link. 


For the steps to retrieve your files