Unable to finish installation

Hi team !

I have just got my WD MyBookLiveDuo 6T. 

Disk physically connected through the lan switch in the same subnet with Windows 7 PC. It is accessible from the PC through it’s web interaface. I have just updated the firmware to latest and converted to RAID 1 the setup. (I believe RAID building process is in progress atm)

Just tried to install the software from original CD unstallation disk. It fails with error message below: error.jpg

In the same time I seeing the MyBookLiveDuo device in windows 7 explorer, but don’t see any folders under it. (according to documentation I should see at least public folder) 

When I am trying to click to MyBookLiveDuo device in windows explorer it just open device configuration web page instead.

Please advise how to access and mount public and smartware folders ?

Hi all,

it seems problem self solved :slight_smile:

Just enabled Microsoft Networking, etc…

sorry for inconvinience.