Unable to do remote back up

Answer ID 11807, follow this article but no luck, when selecting the destination folder it never connects… i have check and double checked settings on both source and destination devices.
the source is a my cloud drive and the destination at my office is EX2 ultra, backup to the my cloud drive is sucessful at client office but need to get the data to the EX2 drive at my office.
I have opened the ports and pointed my public ip to the ip of the EX2 and ran port check to make sure they are open and they are.
any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
thank you

You should contact WD Support for this issue as you have tried every step mentioned in the KBA 11807. You can refer the link mentioned below to contact WD Support by phone.

Update, Thank you to the tech that referred me to WD support, the issue was that when selecting the source folders you can only select one folder at a time, then when i click browse the destanation i was able to see the shares on my site location drive and create the remote backup job

****I disagree with the first techs reply to use Dropbox !!! are you serious, we bought this product because you advertise that the drives have the ability to do remote backups to another WD drive, not to have to load up an additional applications on every users PC and reconfigure the backup and not to mention to have to PURSCHASE Dropbox for Business !!! Great recomendation Pal ! NOT !!!

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