Unable to discover MBL 3TB

I have followed all instructions and the software still can’t discover the drive. Just to make sure the drive is working, I attached it directly through the Ethernet port on the computer and the computer recognises it as a normal drive with 3 folders and no usable files for setup or otherwise. I guess I can use it as a normal drive, but this defies the purpose (and the high cost)…

It is connected to a Bewan Vodafone DSL router ( http://www.business.vodafone.com/site/bus/public/enuk/support/50_business_solutions/50_office_solutions/vodafone_dsl_router/p_dsl_router.jsp))

The light is solid green.

Tried it by connecting the router to the computer both via WiFi and through the Ethernet cable, and still no luck.

I am using Windows XP Home Edition Version 2002 SP3.

Please HELP!



Have you tried using the new WD Setup software, version

You do not need to setup or run any software if you do not want to.

Connecting the MBL to the laptop directly is not a valid config, unless you are and advanced user and setup static IP or a DHCP server on your laptop.

My .02…

  • Find out the IP it gets when connected to router. you will have to do this on your router

  • connect to it as
    "" to manage it via any browser

“\” to access it via the windows explorer

Remove the quotes and replace the IP with yours.