Unable to delete 746GB partition on 3TB drive

Hello all,

I purchased a 3TB  WDBAAY0030HNC-NRSN to replace MyBook Home 1TB, but found out the drive is not compatible with the MyBook.  While the drive was installed in the Mybook I noticed it said the partition size is 746GB.

I removed this 3TB and use as a drive in my Windows 7 system.  Now I can ONLY see a 2048GB partition, and the 746 GB shows up as ‘unallocated’ and I cannot delete, modify, etc.   I can allocate the 2048 one, make smaller, etc, but the 746GB partition is fixed.

I would like to use the full 3TB, even if I have to create two 1500 GB drives.  How do I fix this drive’s partition table?

Disk BIOS settings :  AHCI, should I switch to SATA?

Thanks in advance


How come you are not able to delete the partition? are you getting any error messages?  If so, you can use a partition software.