Unable to Create SafePoint to a share on D-Link DNS323 when MBL contains a Time Machine Backup

I am unable to create a Safepoint from the MBL to a share on another NAS drive (DLINK DNS-323) if my MBL contains any Time Machine backups.   Time Machine cannot backup directly to the DNS323 because the DNS323 does not support AFP.  However I would have thought that a safepoint could still be created.  If I delete the Time Machine Backup from the MBL - the safepoint will create on the share on the DNS-323.  I should also point out - that I can set up an NTFS share on a Windows box - and the safepoint creates successfully on the NTFS share (with or without a Time Machine backup being present on the MBL).  When the safepoint creation fails - it does not provide any information as to the cause of the failure.  I don’t think this is an AFP issue because the  safepoint is creating on the NTFS share from the Windows box both the NTFS share and the DNS323 share are using SMB.  The DNS323 has an EXT3 file system.  The MBL has version 02.02.02-020 : Core F/W firmware.  Happens with both my MBL drives.

During our testing of competitive NAS drives, this device was shown to have issues because it has issues correctly responding to our comands. From our testing, it doesn’t support these commands. Unless they update their firmware or configuration, there isn’t much we can do.

DLink has not released a new DNS-323 firmware since June 2010 v1.09 - and I am on that version.  If the DNS-323 is not compatible with the Safepoint creation process - would it not be beneficial to produce an error message indicating something more than “Safepoint Creation Failed” - so that users won’t think there is a problem with the MBL - or at least include some mention of the incompatibility in the MBL doumentation.

In our testing, this device did fail.

We don’t look for specific devices in our logic. We only look to see if the device supports CIFS/SMB.

We were supposed to have a KBA up that documented this device. I’m checking with our team as to why it isn’t up.

I apologize that this is not the behaviour you expected.