Unable to copy some Folders and files from PC

Just purchased an MyCloudEX2 Ultra. and a 6TB WD Red HD. I am a new user to this device. During the initial setup I upgraded to OS 5 without problem.
I am the only user i.e. the admin user.
I copied about 30 GB of sound files in numerous sub folders without a problem.
When I tried to copy about 27GB of document files (in numerous sub folders) I get an error message after about 2 GB have been transferred saying insufficient space even so I still have nearly 6 TB of empty space.
What am I doing wrong.?
I tried to check and possibly change the user quota but cant find where to do that, possibly because admin user is not limited.

Problem solved.
It appears that some of the weblinks in the documents folders caused the interruption of the file copying. Skipped those files and all worked well.

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