Unable to copy files to hard disk

Hi There,

I am trying to copy files to my WD Passport HD on my Windows 10 OS. It says that disk is too fragmented to perform the operation. I don’t know what is the reason.

Note: I am able to copy the files in windows 7.

Please help.

You can run the standard Windows defrag (Defragment and Optimize Drives). For Windows 10, you can look under “Windows Administrative Tools” from the Start menu. For Windows 7, it’s probably roughly in the same area. Depending on how fragmented it is, the amount of data to move, and the speed of the USB port, it could take a few hours.


On Windows 10, SELECT Cortana in the task bar (am circle). At the bottom where it says “Ask me anything” type ‘fragmentation’ or just start typing it.
At the top click where it says “Defragment and Optimize Drives” which takes you to Optimaze Drives screen. Look for you Passport drive letter.
Check on its “Current Status”. It probably shows a large percent fragmented. Click"Optimize" and wait (It takes quite awhile).