Unable to Convert to Raid1

One of my customers has purchased a WD My Book Live DUO 4 TB drive. I have accessed the UI and have attempted to run the conversion to change the configuration from Maximum Capacity (Spanning) to Raid 1. It begins the conversion get’s about 10% through the first phase and then throws an error message as follows.

31818 - Error retrieving progress information for storage conversion. The operation was aborted while the server was processing the request. The operation may or may not have been completed successfully. Please refresh the page and try again.

I can not refresh the page, the system has dropped off the network, see a steady green light but no activity. Not sure at this point if I should do a power reset of leave it alone.

Any ideas and assistance would be appreciated.


Power cycle the unit.

Go back to the storage settings and verify the drives status.

Retry the Raid 1 conversion.

Thanks for the reply, accually tech support had me do a Factory defaults reset due to other issues in not being able to perform a firmware upgrade. After completing the reset, still could not perform either the upgrade or the Raid1 conversion. Unit is going back for replacement.

Thanks again.