Unable to connect to the selected source - Error connecting to a network share from the WD TV Live

Hey all,

Simply trying to make my new WD TV Live Hub connect to the network share on my NAS.

I know there is no problem on the NAS because PC and Laptop can both access the network share with no issues using the path \QNAP\Multimedia 

With the WD TV Live Hub in the correct Workgroup I can see the NAS, I go to select it, get asked for a username and password which I’ve verified to be correct but just get the error “Unable to connect to the selected source”… I see a failed login attempt in the NAS logging. 

This is really basic functionality that I wasn’t expecting to have to struggle with to get to work. The WD TV Live Hub picks up the internet connection over which I’ve upgraded the firmware and it also sees the Twonkey Media DLNA Server on the same QNAP NAS without any issues. As already stated laptop and PC can both connect to the network share without any issue and the password +username are definitely correct, verified over and over.

Thanks for any assistance on this.

Well, if you’re seeing the QNAP REJECT the login, then what do you expect the WD to do about it?

There’s SOMETHING wrong with the UID / PW you’re providing, or the QNAP wouldn’t be rejecting the login.

I have two QNAPs on my network, and allt he WD’s are connecting to it fine…

… do you have any odd characters in your password?

By the way, you’re in the wrong forum.

The forum for the WDTV Live SMP is here:   http://community.wdc.com/t5/WD-TV-Live-Streaming-Media/ct-p/wdtvlive_streaming

Hi thanks for that an sorry for posting in the wrong forum not sure how that happened.

You’re right my password had some special characters in it which I removed and the problem went away.

This is a bug though, my characters were not that special, I thought of changing my passwords a few times and then thought naaa, that can’t possibly be it :frowning:

Thanks for the help

Yeah, it’s a bug on the WD if they’re LEGAL characters.   The QNAP has weird issue where it won’t allow certain LEGAL characters, but DOES allow certain ILLEGAL ones.  :)

And when it comes to Windows passwords, there are not many illegal characters…

But even SAMBA will not allow all passwords that Windows does…  

Just one of those things, I guess…