"Unable to connect to the remote serve" - windows 10 and stuck!


I recently purchased a MyCloud for use as a backup at home. I set up the MyCloud no problem on my partner’s laptop (windows 10). I added a second user on the web client for my person email account, intending to add my desktop and back that up too.

I’ve downloaded WD Sync to my desktop (running windows 10 64bit). I am able to log in to the program, but when it comes to select the storage device, I get an error - “Unable to connect to the remote server”.

I’m able to log in with my credentials online. Using the File Explorer, under MyPC there is a WD logo, but I cannot seem to actually do anything with it (i.e. cannot copy, paste, create etc) if I go into it.

Under Network I have one WD media device (sends me to Twonky in my browser) and the second WD device under Storage goes to the IP address of the drive. I seem unable to login to that with the default admin setting however as I get an error “Only administrator users are allowed.”

I’ve assigned the WDCloud drive a static IP on my router, as I read elsewhere that might fix the problem, but to no avail. Any suggestions welcome, as it’s driving me insane.


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Can you please try using the desktop application? If stills the same, try contacting WD Support for direct assistance.

Because your having Windows 10 problems you may want to visit the following thread which has a whole host of possible fixes for several issues Windows 10 has had with the My Cloud. In particular ensure the Windows 10 network connection is configured for Private Network and not Public Network, and ensure NetBIOS over TCP/IP is enabled in the Windows 10 network settings