Unable to connect to network shared drive using WD TV Live Plus

I just purchased a WD TV Live Plus and cannot get it to recognize my 1TB WD hdd on my network.  It is not a MYBook either.  I can see the HDDs from my laptop, my pc, and a macbook.  I can see the WD Live Media Player from my PC but the WD LIVE PLUS cannot see the external HDD!!! Any help would be tremendous!

Check if the WD TV and the network HDD are part of the same workgroup.

Not really sure how I can check to see if the HDD is in the same workgroup. 

I used a USB Network Adapter so that I can see my 2 Hard drives from any pc on my network.  

Again, I can see pc’s from the WD TV LIVE PLUS but not the network drives which are attached to the network via the USB Network Adapter.


Thanks in Advance!

Ok, I think I got it.  I had to login into the Simplenet Adapter’s Interface and Modify the network group name to “HOMEGROUP”, although, the WD TV live Plus is on the network group “WORKGROUP”.  

So my Simplenet Adapter is now on the network group “HOMEGROUP” and the network group name for the WD TV LIVE PLUS is still “WORKGROUP”.