Unable to connect to mybooklive from my computer after upgrading to windows 10

since moving to windows 10, I am unable to access my mycloud device from my desktop, I have been advised to map the device using explorer, but explorer fails to find the device on the network.

I have used the mycloud software to try to map the device and it too fails to find the device and advises that the led light on the front of the device should be steady blue, mine is flashing green, is this significant.

Thanks for any help offered.

John Leeson

Your post title indicates you are “Unable to connect to mybooklive” yet your post indicates a My Cloud device. which is it, My Cloud or My Book Live?

If you have a My Book Live you may want to visit the dedicated subforum for that device and see if there are any solutions in there.


If you really have a My Cloud device then start with the following thread that lists a variety of steps to take with Windows 10 that experience My Cloud issues.


Thanks for that, it is a my book device, but the software to access the device has changed to mycloud, hence my confusion. Thanks for your advice. I may have solved the issue now as I have downloaded the WD software mycloud, and am using this I am now able to access my device.