Unable to connect to my device in Internet Explorer

I am unable to connect to my device using the IP address. Yesterday it was able to connect though slowly. Now using the static IP I cannot connect. I can IP the device but not the Dashboard.

Are you entering your address like this for the Dashboard? example=


A few things you can try. The output of the net view will be server names on the network with \ in front of the name. So for the server name strip the two \ characters. The output of the ping will be the ip address of the server name. You can use this procedure to verify that the ip address is correct for your My Cloud.

From a command prompt
net view
arp -a

I tried the Net View command. This was the response…

System error 6118 has occured

The list of servers for this workgroup is not currently available

Yes, this is my normal address .

It does not work after doing so for a few days.

I had the address of my My Cloud change recently. It can happen. Install the free program here to examile your network workgroup and IP assignments.