Unable to connect Mycloud Mirror on street

I am a new user of the mycloud mirror., at the beginning, I was unable to access mycloud on street no matter use mycloud.com or mycloud app, until one day I got the access code from the cloud access in dashboard, doing nothing and able to access mycloud on street and ran smoothly.
Same problem is occurred on last 2 days, today I get the access code again and it is working fine !!!
This code is valid for 48 hours only, can anyone advise I need to get this code on every other day, do I need to do anything/entry about this code on my phone or tablet to fix the connection forever, if so, from where I should input this code in my phone.

Thanks for your kind help


You should not have to keep generating new access codes. I would advise contacting our support team for assistance at http://support.wdc.com/