Unable to Access WD Ex4100 from Samsung Mart TV

I recently had a problem arise due to an antivirus program I had installed; I have since deleted the program, but the problem still persists. The antivirus program was Aura (I recommend not to get this program). Anyways, before the installation of this program, I was able to access the movies stored in this device through the Emby program in all my TV’s, computers, etc. Now, I am only able to watch the movies
in the main computer tied to the WD EX 4100. I tried to access the ATT router, to clear this problem- no luck. I deleted the antivirus program- no luck. I noticed that some of the share buttons dimmed slightly, and the buttons cannot be manipulated. Any suggestions on how to clear this problem?
PS: All my devices are connected via Ethernet cables.

Does your device have OS3 or OS5? You may want to move or place this topic in the correct sub-forum for your device in the Community.

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