Unable to access private folder of one of the two MyBookLive connected to Asus RT-N66U router

Hi there!

I have two MyBooklive 2TB units which have been setup identically (2 private folders in each). They are connected to my Asus RT-N66U router.

I’m trying to access them via my Asus notebook (wireless - Windows 7) and this is what I get:

  1. I can map both drives and open them via Explorer.

  2. I can access all folders in the first unit BUT

  3. I can only access the public folder of the second one

  4. If I try to open my private folder on the second one it hangs for a while then I get a Windows security window asking me for a user + password (domain Asus notebook)

I tried every login possible using my asus notebook login, adm, etc to no avail

Can anyone help me???


Probably cause the way you login the first time you mapped/accessed the public drive.

See this post, which applies as well even if you do not have XP.