Unable to access mycloud mirror

hello there,

I’m based in the UK, came back from holiday today and found my BT router had become faulty. I had a spare netgear kicking about, so once i had my Broadband login details from BT i set it up and all went well. I connected multiple computers to the netgear router/network as well as a wireless printer. i am unable however to connect my wd MCM, i have a funny feeling the default IP of the MCM is outside my routers capability/setup, so i just wanted to confirm what the default IP would be?

my router LAN setup by default is as follows LAN PIC

i did a 4 second reset for good measure and double checked all cabling to/from router/MCM.

The MCM is showing both drives and power as solid blue light, with green network light on port at the back flashing away as it previously did.

Any suggestions/help would be much appreciated.

Previously i had the MCM set up as network drives over Windows for each of the PC’s and it ran great for years.

Thanks in advance.


Hi richard_Wales,

Are you able to login to the mycloud.com? What is the LED status in front of the my cloud?