Unable to access mycloud home on the network

Hi, I just purchased the 2 tb Mycloud home. It is now connected to my 5g huawie modem+router
I have 6 computers on the same router connected wirelessly. But i am unable to see the drive on any of the computers.
i followed the instructions provided to signup on the website, i did install the windows desktop app. But my intention was to have this drive on the network and save files on this drive and access it from any computer on the network. In short i think the term used is NAS. I can’t seem to do that for some reason.

I have searched the web and havent found any instructions to do so and I am not able find a solution.

Looking forward to some insight/instructions or any kind of help to get this issue fixed

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i have a similar problem using win 10 on my laptop. win 10 unable to access the location. I did a system restore picking a date when i know it worked and it did work for that session but no longer does. I will show on my desktop but my laptop is wireless

Hi! You just have to attach your drive on each computer. This folder is call public folder and are accessible only on local network.
So find your drive IP address on your router, open explorer on PC click attach drive in File’s tab. Enter your IP address like this:" \\Public"(change the value of IP by your) and click End (Terminer). Public drive should appear on PC.