Unable to access my WD My Book Live via UI/Login

My WD My Book Live is working perfectly and I can watch my pictures (even from my mobile with WD2go), listen to my music, etc… I can also see the folders in the finder BUT since I erased some folders by mystake on the NAS I’m not able anymore to connect to it with the WD application. If I try to reinstall it, it tells me the application is already installed. If I try to connect ( browsers tells he is unable to open the page. I rhink I’ve erased something wery usefull on NAS… How can I restore this as I haven’t recieved any CD ? I think I’ve first of all to do a backup isn’t it ?

Thanks in advance for your advices

There is nothing you can delete from the shared folders that will make you loose access to the my book. Check the connections again and press the reset button on the back for 4 seconds, the status light in the front should be Green. 

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Thanks for answering. You’re right, everything is fine but without initializing device, just typing correct IP in browser (101 instead of 100)… My shortcut was bad.