Unable to access drive

Hi all,

I have had my 320GB My Passport for about 18 months and have not had a problem. Now suddenly when i plug it into my PC (xp)  or Mac (OS X) it starts up fine then as soon as it appears it will click and on the PC will go through the autorun routine again and on the mac will just disappear. The light continues to flash throughout.

I have tried the WD lifeguard software on the PC but as the drive doesn’t hang round long enough in my computer the software sees it briefly so is of no use.

Does anyone know what the problem may be and any suggestions to getting my data back. I don’t want to start taking it apart to put it in another enclosure quite yet but will if need be.

Many thanks in advance,


Hi - see the string below called “My Passport Essential 500gb”, you will see you are not alone this seems to a common problem.

Sadly I have the same problem but no solution.