Ultrastar He8 helium level

Hello everyone,

I purchased 8 of these:
Model Family: HGST Ultrastar He8
Device Model: HGST HUH728080ALN600

I tested each one of them individually and checked their smart counters before and after testing.

Before testing, 7 drives had this smart counter:

22  Helium_Level            0x0023   100   100   025    Pre-fail  Always       -       100

The 8th drive had this set to 057 straight from out of the packaging.

After testing, 6 drives are still at 100, but one of them is down to 80.

I need to know is this oke and expected behavior, or do I need to return the ones that are down? I can see the treshold is 25 but I don’t think I should reach that within days or weeks? Helium escapes slowly, with 5 year warranty I would expect after 5 years these are still at a reasonable level?

Is there any info anywhere about this?


No one?

This morning, the 80% helium level was down to 60%.

Just now, it seems these drives are capable of refilling themselves, because it is back up to 100.

That’s weird. Was there anything different in the other attributes, particularly the temperature?

Just a few degrees, up to 40C thats all.

So here we go, that’s number 1:
22 Helium_Level 0x0023 001 001 025 Pre-fail Always FAILING_NOW 1

Still no reply from WD/HGST to my support ticket.