Uhhh is mine broken?

Had this thing for just over a week now and for something that should most definitely work straight out of the box it’s a massive [Deleted] ridden with bugs.

Here are just a few of the things wrong with it:

  • You have to be a networking genius to optimise and configure your home network to operate smoothly with this thing. (yes i’m using a wireless N network and why shouldn’t I? It’s 2014! oh and my network speed is fine, thanks for asking)

  • Once you have done this, then it may be able to handle 720p and 1080p files over a network, unless of course the wdtv thinks your PC is no longer on the network.

  • The “media library” is sluggish and basically a waste of time.

  • Thumbnails and metadata are extremely slow to load and occasionally bring the device to a grinding halt (apparently loading a few 50kb images and a few kb of metadata is a big task)

  • Switching between view types is also excruiciating once a few thumbnails and metadata gets thrown into the works.

I’ve looked around and other people have similar problems and I’m yet to find any good solutions. The previous firmware seemed just as bad, if not worse.


Sorry to hear that you were having issues setting up the unit on your network. 

For detailed information on how to properly setup the unit. Please see page 20 of the user manual.


Regarding the files that you are trying to play, what type of files are you trying to play. Make sure that they are fully supported over the network.

List of supported files on the link below.


The network is setup correctly, my problem is that the wdtv seems to be the only device on the network that struggles as far as speed, reliability and stability goes. It’s only accessing basic windows network shares, nothing out of the ordinary so why is it so bad at doing so?

I sure hope some firmware updates are in the pipeline for this device.

As for the file types i’m playing they are well within the devices capabilities as they play just fine (sometimes) but who knows how they’ll play next time i turn the wdtv on? Who knows if a handful of movie thumbnails and metadata will load instantaneously next time or take mintues to load and bring simple file browsing to a standstill? How can a bunch of 154x230 pixel images be such a task (or whatever awful resolution theyre supposed to be at)