Ubuntu/Linux Mint - mybooklive is read only

Simple version…
My mybook is being seen as a network drive and not as an attached device.

Long version…

I bought a tvlive hub and a mybook live together. the tvlive hub is all good. Working as expected. BUT, problems with the mybook live. 

I have it on my network with a static ip. if i browse the network, i can find the mybook, open the folder, read and write to it. but, I want to be able to write to it via another program, ie sabnzbd, or backup software. i can not figure out how to write to the folder using an address like smb://wdmybooklive/public, so I figured out how to edit fstab to mount the drives using this…

// /home/dan/wdtvlive smbfs username=default,password=default 0 0
// /home/dan/wdmybook smbfs username=default,password=default 0 0

well, that mounts the drives fine. I can read and write to the livetv hub, but i can only read from the mydrive.

i even set up my sabnzbd to save to the tvlive and it works fine. 

i just can’t figure out how to write to the mydrive.

if i sudo mkdir, i can create a folder. If i gksu nautilus, I can create a folder. 

when I gksu nautilus and try to change folder persmissions, i can’t do it. everything just reverts back to the way it was. i can’t change anything to read/write.

again, i can write to mybook if i find it from browsing the network, but can’t if i try to write to it from the fstab mounted drive.

did i screw up my fstab entry?

i’m working beyond my limitations and i need some help.

anyone? Thanks guys.

I had to edit the /etc/fstab

// /home/joe/wdmybook cifs credentials=/home/joe/.smbcredentials ,iocharset=utf8,file_mode=0777,dir_mod$

the above, of course is one whole line, not two…

the part in yellow was the key

i found it in a seagate forum.

hope this helps someone. took me a week to find the answer.