Ty wd

I just wanted to take the time to post some thing positive, since I took the time to complain.

I had put up a very negative post a few weeks back and I was surprised by the number of people that stepped up to defend WD. I understand now why. I had issues and I was frustrated, so I ripped into the forums and it was premature. A WD rep called me and spent a lot of time and he got a solution to my problem. I still have a few issues with my player but I can’t think of any electronic that doesn’t have them. I am very happy with WD, THEY OWNED IT. I will continue to do business with this company and recommend to others to do so.

I would like to thank the people on these forums for taking the time to counter my post and I am sorry if I was rude.

To all other WD forum noobs, definitely give them and WD a chance to work with you.

It appears that whatever happened has now been erased so you can make a fresh start and post your other issues.


Apology accepted.  I remember your post, (because I was involved in responding to it, too) and when it got deleted from the boards, I asked the moderator why, and fully understood the rationale.  I will keep it all between me and the moderator.  You now have a clean slate, so join in, and keep calm!  :wink:

I frequent many forums, especially when it comes to products I own and it is extremely rare to see a post such as yours. YOU have stepped up like a true adult in just coming back here to admit to something like this. I can respect a person like you as I see SO MANY so-called adults do what you have stated in doing but so very few had the dignity or even show the character to admit when they were wrong. Isn’t that what we teach our children? Don’t we expect them to be better?

Step into forums like those on newsvine of msn.com, nbcnews.com, iMore and AndroidCentral or view any of the flammatory comments and remarks from what I consider childish adults on telecommunication giants like AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile’s websites. In some cases it’s almost sickening to read and as you do, you get a real sense of why certain ideals and methodologies exist in the world.

Now I have not seen your posts that you are referring to so my apologies if I have included you in the aforementioned paragraph but as I said, you have abdicated yourself from this. It is refreshing to know someone such as yourself can admit he was wrong and publically state it on his own. Bravo!