Twonky works with DSM-320 but not with WD TV Live


I need to use Twonky because I need to have the media server installed on an NAS.  I have it on an NSLU2 and it works a treat with my old D-Link DSM-320, a piece of hardware I’m not generally greatly impressed with, in my living room. 

Needing a similar media player in my bedroom I thought the WD TV Live’s features would be perfect and as for using the Twonky media server, if the DSM-320 could do it…

But not so.  The WD sees the Twonky-NSLU server but gives nothing but the “There is no media in this folder” message no matter what I’ve tried the past few days.  Can anyone help me with what the DSM-320 is doing right that the WD is doing wrong?

I’ve tried the trick mentioned in another thread of putting an .avi, a .jpg, and an mp3 file, all three in the root, in the twonkywision, public, and music directories but no joy.



I have twonkymedia installed on my NAS ( a QNAP) and it works really well. When I go to the Media Server menu on th WD Live its there. I didnt need to do anything to the WD to make it work. I just pointed Twonky to a couple  of folders  where I keep my video files on the NAS and they show up on the WD. 

I know this isnt much of a solution for you, but more  a reassurance that the two are indeed compatible.