Twonky: Video Title is not Filename as on PC

Some Videos Twonky shows with very strange Title: “JKLÖ” , see in the attachment

On the PC the Filename is “20160309 - 090518 - P1010209.mp4”

i cannot find the Title “JKLÖ” nowhere in the TAG-Infos (Metadata) of the Video.

How to edit the view-definitions.xml of the twonky-Server to show the Filename as shown on PC and not any else?

I have a bunch of mp3 music files, complete with metadata. Windows Explorer and Mp3Tag both show the title as being the actual name of the song. However, when I play the files in VLC, it shows the title as being the track number (“Track 1”, “Track 2”, etc.). Obviously, this behavior is undesirable because it makes it impossible to tell which song is playing MyPrepaidCenter

It is useful for me…Definitely, I will try to apply now