TWONKY stops all support ?!?


apparently TWONKY discontinued support for the Media Server.

Previously, there was on the Twonky HP still offers support for those with WD-selling, Media Server. That seems over. On Facebook there also will not work properly. There is the Twonky HP with offers to sell … but that was it.

A CLICK the Twonky server on the help page then refers to “not available”. With Facebook as well.

There are still a TwonkyForum - but that’s pretty old. In addition, provide some NAS manufacturers to help pages. Is it any wonder there’s the Twonky also WD is no longer actively supported.

So Sells WD scrap old software?



WD My Cloud has a recent version of Twonky and it’s still supported.

Which version of Twonky are you referring to?