Twonky service gets disabled frequently


I have 1TB MBL and LG n/w media player(SP520). Generally I stream videos from MBL to my LG n/w media player over dlna. But twonky service gets disabled automatically for every 5 -10 days. My LG media player stops recognizing the twonky service.

It shows no status, version and zero files under setting/media. If i click on rebuild, everything starts working. Media player can recognize the twonky service. but again it gets disabled after 5-10 days.

Please help

Try updating the the firmware to the latest version so you can test the new version of the DLNA media server. Check the link below for more info. 

Release notes


Thanks for the reply.

which one I have to update -  twonky media server or DLNA media server?

AS of now, When I open the Setting/Media tab, I am seeing twonky server.

Please help.


DLNA media server