Twonky server on MyCloud stoped working

After more years of DLNA access. I don’t see the DLNA server on the network any more.

It isn’t possible to access the Twonky server using port number 9000.

The MyCloud features and UI works with no problems, It’s only the Twonky server which seems to have stopped working, although in the UI interface says “Scanning”

MyCloud has Firmware version v04.05.00-342

I tried a restart, but i didn’t help
What to do?


You could refer to the following link: My Cloud OS 3: Content Not Recognized by Smart TV, DVR or Media Player

Are you using Windows 10, build 1909?

Hi again
If there are no way to get my MyCloud device up and running including the Twonky DLNA server I’m afraid I need to install at fresh image on the HD.

(But I want to avoid that if possible)

My Cloud unit is a 2TB unit Gen 1 with firmware v.04.05.00-342.

To be sure it’s possible I want to download a image for this unit.
Does anyone know a link where a HD image for gen 1 can be downloaded??

Thanks in advance