Twonky server gone?


I have the WD live 2TB, and I planning on using it to stream movies to my Samsung TV.

I was setting up twonky using the windows guide: (,-my-book-world-%28white))

After starting the server (by writing  http://mybooklive:9000 in the top bar) I went to the setup settings, and choose “first steps”. Then I entered the language, the server broadcast name, the menu type, a username and a password. Then I pressed save, and the server said that it needed a reboot to enable some of my settings. I pressed reboot and waited… but after 15 minutes it was still rebooting. I closed the webside at started it again, but now an error box appers, saying that it it can’t connect to the server.

What is wrong?

And how do I start a new, free twonkyserver that is connected to my WD live?

Are you referring to the WD TV Live, or the My Book Live. The WD TV Live doesn’t use Twonky.

I think . . .