Twonky resets settings

Hi there,

I have a Samsung H7150 and so far it has been working perfectly with MyCloud. I prefer keeping the navigation mode on ‘By Folder’ in Twonky under ‘Sharing–Media Receivers’ so I changed the navigation type for all the media receivers but after some time the samsung tv’s reverts back to Advanced Media Navigation, the rest are good. I’ve heard people had the opposite problem, AMN reverting back to By Folder but haven’t found a solution so far. IP address havent changed.

On Twonky 7.2.9, MyCloud is 04.01.02-417

Any ideas?


If your “My Cloud” has just updated to the latest firmware, or you’ve altered a media setting in Dashboard chances are your settings have been overwritten. (Extremely frustrating)

I’d go to the Twonky web page and check the settings were as previous. After the firmware update you’ll probably have to reset them back to what they were.

Extremely frustrating

That’s one way of putting it. Extremely amateurish, I’d call it.

You might try saving a copy of the twonkyserver.ini file, but, sadly, that’s unlikely to work if you restore it, because a firmware upgrade appears to change one or or both of the long ‘do not manually change’ Hex ID strings in the file, and causes Twonky to barf with an ‘Error 2’. Reports of this problem can be found fairly regularly within these forums.

The firmware is the latest but the upgrade happened weeks ago. Unfortunatelly this happens without any changes to the dashboard settings. As if the Samsung TV enforced it somehow. It is extremely frustrating…

jupiter6 wrote:

The firmware is the latest but the upgrade happened weeks ago.

There has been a more recent firmware update, ( 17.12.14 I think v04.01.02-417)

I think it was just to solve a bug for some Apple devices, but you never know your problem could sort itself out by updating.

If you do update don’t forget you will need to reset all the Twonky settings.

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