Twonky on WDLive HUB


My network is more or less configured. I have made several folder shares in windows to view movies on wdlive.

The way I’ve done it is just shared the folders by right-clicking with Everyone on the network.

After that I’ve made an acount on my router and logged to it from wdlive to see the shares. Everything works no problems there. I don’t have twonky enabled as i don’t need it for this.

What I want to do is enable townky so that wdlive makes these 3 network shares accessible to another dlna compatible oppo digital 93 player (it doesn’t support accessing network shares). My plan was to enable twonky on hub and it works perfect, however i can only share the folders in twonky which belong either to wdlive internal hard drive or usb. I can’t choose the folders to share from the network which wd live already has access to.

Is there any way to make twonky on wd live access these network shares?

If i install twonky on my desktop i can do that with no problems but it eats a lot of ram!!! I need a dedictaed server for twonky on a separate device. WDLive  Hub seems perfect if I only could select network shares from its internal twonky server…

Any ideas/Solutions?

Thank You!

Have you considered copying the media to the internal disk on the WD? It can do it automatically (P158 of the manual), though from a quick skim of the forum some people have had problems.

No, you’ve figured out, you can’t configure Twonky to access network shares and then share that media.

Thanks Tony.

Indeed, it’s quite a dissapointment and I guess I will need a NAS solution with latest Twonky installed to be able to do dlna over networks, but, man, whoever invented this dlna ■■■■ sure made himself rich at the expense of others.

Accessing shares by any network-capable media player should be no problem, instead, we have to go with this dlna stuff. It’s just too bad wdlive doesn’t support DTS-Master Audio pass-through via hdmi otherwise I wouldn’t bother with all this stuff.

Fingers crossed for new sigma designs 8910 chip players for Xmas- perhaps that would be the answer)