Twonky not indexing all files

I have a mybook world edition (white light) I have had it a year or so and it has not always behaved and after a recent house move I am having problems getting the twonky server to index all of the files and even after it does get most of them it seems to lose that indexing randomly.

Are there any known issues with special characters, filename formats or folder structure that I may have missed as quite often the database rebuild gets stuck on the same file.  All my files are inside shared videos/pictures/music.

I am close to throwing the bloody thing in the bin and buying another brand, so any input greatly appreciated.

What device ( type / model ) are you streaming to?

Did you check the twonky forums already?

I suppose you have already tried rescanning

It is on all devices other than accessing it through one of my macs.

I have not tried the twonky forums, did not see those.