Twonky Media and My Book world edition white light


I have a LG TV and it was quite happy sharing files directly off my drive, then I had too the reset drive, now its coming up on the tv as twonky media, is there an easy way to turn twonky media off?? its version 5.1.9, Ive been racking my brains how to do it, if someone can point me in the right direction id be over the moon




What other options on have available on your TV to access the drive?

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I have an LG 620t TV. I used to just press input mode and the drive would be there, you could then see all the files on the drive, select the one you wanted and the tv would play it. After reseeting the drive via the switch at back, it is now turned into media share using twonky media, and the TV only sees the drive as twonky media.Which would mean I would have to upload all the files again to Twonky, so the TV can read them, I would just like to keep it as a drive that the TV can read from, no twonky!!! Is there a simple way??