Twonky just will not stay enable on WDTV Live Hub

I have got a WDTV Live Hub and a My Book Live.

Checked the box to enable TWONKY on WDTV Live Hub.

But the box will be uncheck the next time I return.

I’m on the latest filmware now. I did try to do a rollback but it still produce the same result, so I upgraded it back to latest

The Live Hub does not see my MBL.

But my Laptop is able to access and stream from MBL.

So I suspect the issue lies with the Live Hub.

MBL is connected to CISCO E4200 router.

Any advise to enable TWONKY for good so I could stream from MBL to Live Hub?

Thank you so much!


Enable it from the Hub’s UI instead of the Web UI.

I gathered from another of your replies t it’s under setup tab and then Network Settings.

Please advise under which options should I make changes at?

Thank you

That’s correct…  Settings / Network / Media Server

DLNA is already ON
But same problem persists

Is it a filmware issue?

Hmmm.   I guess it is.   You may need to reset to factory defaults to fix that.

Haaaa reset to factory defaults too. Twice.

That’s the frustration. Just Can’t pin point the problem
Thank you for your advice.

having the exact same issue. Any help from WD on this??

So I guess I’m not the only one with this issue

I have got the WD TV Live Hub and the MyBookLive 3TB

Wish to stream via TWONKY to my WDTV live hub from MBL.

Hello is WD sitting on this or what? When is the next filmware update? Please do something.

Can it be active even if the checkbox is unchecked?

Try to go to this address  http://yourwdip:9000/ and see if the server is active, then go under sharing and add your external hd. Finally under First step do “restart server”.

Under the WebUI it will result still inactive but it should be woking.

Hi Guys,

Same issue here.

I can open the twonky service via http://Name:9000 and see clearly that there are 0 files indexed.


Running 3.3.19 firmware

Connected via Wire to Netgear N router.

I am able to stream through the “WD TV LIVE HUB” “FROM” my phone (Galaxy S2), but when trying to view content from the WDTVLiveHub using Twonky and or other apps continues to show no files…

Seems there is something wrong with the latest firmware, I am downloading the last v2.x firmware now to see if this resolves the problem.

Downloaded 2.8.13, only firmware from the below website.,342/

Ran it up on the WDLiveTVHub, it says the firmware version is 3.3.13 NOT 2.8.13 which is what was downloaded… not happy.

I am now downloading 2.7.17 see how far we get.


Downloaded 2.8.13, only firmware from the below website.,342/


Ran it up on the WDLiveTVHub, it says the firmware version is 3.3.13 NOT 2.8.13 which is what was downloaded… not happy.


I am now downloading 2.7.17 see how far we get.

That’s the way a rollback works.  Once you’re done with the rollback, it will indicate the correct version.

Spot on,ok so now the device correctly reports current firmware as: 2.8.13 (I didn’t end up going back yet another version).

Note the rollback did fix the link issue from the WD Page to the Twonky page, now correctly goes to http://name:9000 as it should.

BUT I still have the issues with Twonky not indexing any files on the Device… I am stuffed I have spent around 4 hours today and still haven’t found an answer.

So my issue remains un resolved… what I see below is the status for Twonky.

5.1.9Cache memory:552 KB
Last database change:In Progress
[+ /mediaitems/Local/WDTVLiveHub]/_Movies/_HI DEF Movies/NAME REMOVED BY ME

Music tracks:0
License information:The Server is registered.
Server uptime:0 days, 0:07:38 hours
Server built date:Sep 27 2010
Server restart pending:no
Network Interfaces: 192.168.xx.xx (Again IP removed by me)

I have gone in and run the restart, rescan and rebuild with no success, still shows 0 indexed files.

Reading online forums the Twonky version has remaind the same through out all firmware updates from WD, I see little point in going back to older firmware to test further.

Does anyone use Twonky on the WD Live TV Hub under 3.3.19 and does it work?

Perhaps a better question is:

Who uses twonky on the WD TV Live Hub and can see indexed videos, music and photos - what firmware are you running?

Anyone have any other steps I could take?
(I seem to recall reading about a guy who deleted or cleared two files over SSH on his WD device - of course I can’t find the details about that now… grrrr).

What steps should I now take?

So this issue is why I can’t see the WDTV Hub from my PS3 or Sona Streaming Media Player widget?  Great

Went into the WDTV Hub Web interface,  Twonky enabled is NOT checked.  Check it and Click Launch Twonky and nada.  Just opens to the main UI screen again. 

Does WD not test anything before they release firmware updates?

Should have posted up sooner, Twonky now indexes files on the Device under the last revision of 2.x firmware.

I am interested to know if anyone has Twonky working under 3.x firmware.

So I have to roll back to 2.xx firmware in order to make the hub do that very thing that it was designed & sold to do?