Twonky disappeared from drive!

I have the 1TB My Book World Edition and I first noticed that Twonky media wasn’t on the drive any more when my xbox wouldn’t connect to the drive a couple a weeks ago. 

On further investigation of trying to enter the settings of twonly using the ethernet adress and port, it displays a “page not found” web page message.

Does this mean it’s not on the drive?

Is it a conspiracy to upgrade to the new twonky whilst they have their sale on??

Please help!

If necessary, I will need an idiots guide into installing the newer twonky media server to the drive to start from scratch.



I am connecting from PS3 but recently noticed that Twonky is not on the 2TB mirrored drive when going to web connection and getting “Page can not be displayed” on 

Where did it go and how do I reinstall it?  Dont recall a Twonky CD either.

Push the reset button: brings back the fabric password.

Check Twonky.

In my case it was accessible again.

Change your password back.