Twonky Dead after WD ShareSpace 2.3.02 Upgrade

I have a WD ShareSpace WD4000 and finally got around to upgrading it to 2.3.02 after some recent minor issues. I had upgraded it in the past without problems howver this time after upgrading it, the Twonky Media Server (Stock 5.09) failed to show up on DLNA and was failing to respond to requests to the configuration port (9000).

Note that if I switch to using the latest released Twonkymedia server in a parallel directory (/twonky7), it works fine. However this requires a license key,. which I do not have.

So what’s up with the stock server?

Have you tried some basic troubleshooting steps like powercycling or resetting the Sharespace?

Yes, I also tried reburning the firmware but the GUI told me that it was the same release.