Twonky crashed, full factory restore in progress

The Twonky server stopped working this morning after working perfectly fine last night. I have tried everything (rebooting, power off, uninstalling WD drivers, etc.) but nothing seems to get the Twonky back to work. Couldn’t access the Twonky page (:9000) from the PC or the server itself from any network media device.

So now I’m in the process of doing a full factory restore. Does anyone know how long this takes? I started mine four hours ago and it is still going. The UI just has a message window saying “Restore in progress… A full factory restore may require hours to complete”. It doesn’t have any progress bar, just a option to switch to Quick Restore. Has anyone done this before?

Whats happening on the MyBookLive. What color is the LED. It may be finished and has not told your PC.

After nine hours I decided to do something as the status had not changed. The led was green, cycling between few seconds blinking, few seconds solid. The sound from the drive was indicating it was writing.

Anyway I decided to press the “Switch to quick restore” button and after I did so, it said the restore was succesful and rebooting. It didn’t reboot but I did lost the connection to the UI for a while. Once I returned to the UI I found the same message again, “Full factory restore in progress…”. This time I just presses esc key and got the same message about restore being succesful and rebooting. This time it actually rebooted and once it started everything was back to normal i.e Twonky was working again.

Somewhat confusing I’d say. Not sure why Twonky crashed in the first place. Night before it was working fine and next morning it was dead. I did have a problem with power saver i.e. the MyBook did not go to the power saver mode after specific time but staid on all the time. I didn’t have this problem in the beginning either but just since last week or so.

One question: did you have to make a backup of your data elsewhere before you ran this? I have well over 1tb of data on my 2tb WD My Book Live and don’t have enough room anywhere on my network for all of it.

Had to go and purchase a hard drive to get everything backed up. Factory restore clears all the data on MBL.