-Twonky appended to the Media Player name on one MBL Drive - but not other - Why?

I have 3 MyBook Live Drives - and I notice that they show up as follows on my Sony Bravia - MybookLive1, MyBookLive2-Twonky, and MyBookLive3.   The MBL’s are named MyBookLive1, MyBookLive2, and MyBookLive3 respectively.  Why is MyBookLive2 showing up on the the Sony Bravia as MyBookLive2-Twonky ?  I can’t see anywhere in the setup where the media player name is configurable.  All drives are on the latest firmware 02.02.02-020.

Check the SERVER NAME option in the Twonky configuration webpages.

The DEFAULT is “%HOSTNAME%”, which will just give the hostname.

Perhaps somehow the default is different on the other drive, or the name was changed.

Where exactly is this option located?  I only see an option to enabled or disable Twonky in the Web UI - and I don’t see an option for name.  Am I missing something?

http://[ip address of your MBL]:9000

for example:

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Thanks Tony,

I was unaware that you could access the Twonky server settings on port 9000.  After going into to the Twonkey config via port 9000 - I did see that server name was set to %HOSTNAME%.  On my Sony Bravias - I deleted and rescanned for media servers - and the server name now shows correctly.  I can only surmise that on the prior version of the MBL firmware - that the media server had been set to %HOSTNAME%-Twonky and the firmware upgrade probably changed it to %HOSTNAME%.  I did change the server name once again via port 9000 and the updated server name now shows on my Bravias.  I am not sure why the name didn’t automatically change after the initial firmware upgrade.  Thanks so much for this helpful infomration.  Is there a reason why the full Twonkey Server interface is not provided in the Dashboard UI?  This would be very helpful.  Also is there any information available as to the various ports and hidden UI pages anywhere on the WD site?