Twonky 5 issue - Alphabetisation fixed in 9000 view only - not in practice?


I have recently bought a Mybook Live NAS.

I use this to stream media to a Panasonic V20 plasma and my XBox.

I was disappointed to see everything in alphabetical rather than track number order, and spent some time getting up to speed with the fix adding the extra line of code to the view-definitions.xml file.

I made this change, and looking at the folders in the HTML Media Browser this seemed to fix the issue.

However, whenever I then open the folder in the plasma or XBox the tracks are back in alphabetical, AND when I then look at the HTML Media Browser again, the tracks have reverted to alphabetical order, simply as a result of playing them.

Using the Restart button in First Steps then returns things back to the right order in the HTML view, until I try to stream again.

So I’ve fixed it in theory, but not in practice. The same issue seems to apply for all 4 view types.

Any advice? Has anyone successfully implemented the fix and got streaming going in track order on XBox / Panasonic?

Would much appreciate whatever suggestions people have.

I think  you need to contact WD directly…