Two WD20EARS from the same retailer

 I was registering my 4 WD20EARS drives and find that 2 have a warranty and 2 don’t.  2 of the drives were bought from the same retailer, one in Sep2010 and one in Feb2011.  The second one appears to have “No Limited Warranty” and the other 764 days to expiry.

The retailer is a reputable local computer supplier so is this to be expected?  One drive has warranty and the newer one doesn’t?

I will ask the retailer after the Easter holidays but I thought I would ask the community first?

Should the second drive fail I have NO warranty recourse???



I will suggest to check with the retailer and verify why the 2 drives are not showing any warranty. Do not wait until you have problems with the unit to decide. 

If you have not registered the drive with WD, the date shown for your warranty status is calculated from the date of manufacture.

Apparently the retailer had the drives on-hand for some time.

You can register the drive and provide proof-of-purchase, to have the warranty dates changed:

The warranty on my WD product is wrong. How can I update, correct, or extend the warranty on my WD product?

This is interesting cause a friend of mine had the same issue.

Depending on the shop and how they handle warranty returns you might have been given a drive from someone else warranty RMA, and the shop might have given a new drive to the other customer knowing the RMA drive will be back and they put it on the shelf for someone else to buy.

Times are tough for many PC shops and some will take shortcuts to keep customers happy.

If you have a mobile phone with internet access you can check the warranty status of the drive at the shop before you buy it since WD have a tool for us to check the drives warranty status online.