Two separate phone calls to WD product support claimed 10.7 Lion support with WDTVLive!?!

Does this mean the phone support people are ill informed or that WD is imminently fixing what Apple broke?

Is there an official response anywhere? (Google site search found nothing).

Not that I’ve heard…  :neutral_face:

Usually the support people are ill-informed.

You should have seen the debacle over their purported answers for when/if NetFlix would be supported in Canada.

Or, that they told me something “should be fixed” in a future firmware, “possibly even the very next release” for my Gen 1, only for the Gen1 to be immediately deemed EOL with no further support.  There never was a “very next release”.

The Samba versions compiled in to the current firmwares do not play nicely with the implementation in Lion.

Either WD needs to compile in a new Samba that supports Lion’s implementation, or a backwards-compatable Samba needs to be added to the Mac, in order to get it to play nicely with any existing CIFS shares.

Well, it was such a surprise to hear a WD employee claim support for Lion that I immediately called back to verify.

Apparently, phone support is the last to know…