Two problem "features" from a new user of the WD photo app for iPad

New user of the WD photo app - very promising, but a couple of glitches:

I can’t get the app to see a secondary user share that I’ve set up on the myBook Live, even if I remove the share’s password protection via the myBook web GUI. I’ve checked that media sharing is enabled for the second share, but so far can only see the public admin share from my iPad. Does the app only recognise one share per device?

Second issue not so much a glitch, but a bit annoying. Great to have an HD button for higher resolution, so I immediately went to the settings menu for the app to see how I turn that on by default - would be great for when I’m using my iPad to browse my library in my own home, with a fast wireless network, but no joy. For every picture, I have to tap the HD button. Also, there does not seem to be an option to force the slideshow to run in HD mode - a bit of a gap. And speaking of the slideshow, why are there fixed options for the transition time, whereas other apps have a “dial” for the user to set the exact number of seconds they want between transitions?

All in all a promising app, but if any feedback is available on these points it would be great to hear.


As a follow-up, , I can’t find anyway to access pictures that are outside the /Public share. Yet since the web GUI for the myBook Live grants mobile access on a per-user basis, it’s entirely reasonable to assume that the shares the user has access to should therefore be accessible to the mobile app.

Hi, the WD Photo app can only access the pictures in the public folder. :confounded:

Wel thanks for confirming, but in that case I could have saved a lot of time if the myBook GUI made this clear in the section where mobile access is granted. WD once again not doing themselves any favours in terms of existing customers being able to recommend the myBook to anyone else. 

Remote Access also includes WD 2go, which can access other shares.

The user manual does say that WD Photos requires the photos to be placed specifically in the Public/Shared Pictures folder…


Fair point regarding the manual, but I do think it’s reasonable on the part of the user to expect access to work outside /Public.

Meanwhile if the settings could be changed in the next version to allow hi-res/HD photo display as a default option, this would be a fantastic app. Other apps I’ve tried for streaming photos from my WD Twonky server to my retina-display iPad do not have as good an image quality as the WD app in HD mode.