Two brand new WD20EARS with error code 08-


i’m little confused.

yesterday i got TWO WD20EARS disks from local retail store. before any usage i ran crystaldiskinfo (v3.9.3) and data lifeguard (DLGDIAG for Windows v1.22).

ON BOTH DISKS crystaldiskinfo gives no error in s.m.a.r.t. test:

crystaldiskinfo and smart

in data lifeguard i got successful quick test, but extended tests ended with error code “08-” :dizzy_face:.

extended test error

from wd knowledge base " Diagnostic Error Codes" i can’t find description for the error code (on lifeguard feedback window, there were description: “Test found bad sectors that may be repairable.”) bad sectors ....

i think that this may also be relevant information:

* BOTH drives gave same errors (pictures from second drive test)

* on second drive (first drive test reached end when i was sleeping) before the end of the extended test, the countdown clock reached 00:00:00 but timer goes on and on for about 5 minutes or so and i heard weird sound from disk (something like slow spin up, quick spin down cycles in every, say, 10 seconds) quite quietly rather like whisper

* i haven’t formatted nor partitioned the drives

* i’m using external docking station (akasa “duodock” akasa ak-ic008) via motherboard onboard esata port (jmicron jmb36x controller)

* master os is windows xp sp3+

* pins 7 and 8 have been jumpered

* all current used for power computer and peripherials are protected with active ups (apc smart-ups)

so, what’s up? is it normal and i shouldn’t worry at all (bad sectors on both brand new drives :cry: ) or what  i should do next?

for good feedback and advices thanx in advance :smiley:

seems noone can help :frowning:


serial number and  production dates are:

  1. WD20EARS s/n WMAZA2683537 26 NOV 2010
  2. WD20EARS s/n WMAZA2672076 26 NOV 2010


the error code is not “08-” but is simple “08”. according to web search via ,the minus sign seems to be leftover from “program update”: removing error description(s). in previous versions of lifeguard, the error code was: Test Error Code: 08- Too many bad sectors detected.

… why my attached pictures are gone?:dizzy_face:

please replace the drives

rma it or return to the store