Twin WD3200AAKS HDDs Not Being Recognised by WIndows

Hi all. I’m having an issue with my computer. Specifically the HDDs. About a fortnight ago I had an issue whereby my computer came under heavy attack by malware/spyware/virus/etc etc etc… I have no idea why it happened but I had nailed it down to a .sys file in DAEMON Tools Lite (a program I’ve had for a couple of years but never used). I managed to delete said program and re-apply my firewall and antivirus (these were shut down by whatever attacked me). Since then I’ve had hijacked pages and links popping up all over the place. I finally found a couple of programs that got to the root of the issue and seemingly got rid of the malware/spyware/trojans/virus. I was also informed by some computer-literate colleagues that a certain file (PSIService.exe) could also be used by certain malware as a gateway to my computer (this program is installed when you install any Corel programs). I went to their website and found info on how to delete it via REGEDIT and, carefully following their instructions did so.

Then I went to reboot.

It rebooted ad nauseum. It would get to a certain point of the boot up, throw up a blue screen of death and reboot. I couldn’t even open it in safe mode.

This morning I tried booting from my XP disk and it won’t let me because it apparently thinks there are no hard drives connected. It says to check to make sure everything is connected and to use any manufacturers disks to sort out the problem. I don’t have those disks (apparently) so I’m kind of stuck at what to do from here… is it a lost cause and should I call in a professional?

I (was) running:


Intel Core 2 Duo Q6600 (2.66Ghz),

Intel P35 Chipset,
2Gb Kit (2x1GB) PC-6400 DDR2,
AMD Radeon HD3850 512Mb,
2 x 320Gb SATAII HDD - Set in RAID 0
20X Dual Layer DVD Burner,
5.1 Audio, Gigabit LAN,
2-Channel Speakers,
Compro Videomate Dual DVB-T TV Tuner,
Antec NSK4000 ATX Case with Antec 500W Quiet PSU
24" Widescreen LCD, 5ms Response, 1000:1, 1920x1200, DVI, HDCP

Yeah, I know I’ve thrown up ALL the info about my computer but maybe there’s a sudden clash between things…? *shrug* I don’t know…

Thanks for any help!

PS. Sorry about the long-winded post…