TVersity and WDTV Live

Hi All

I want to start this thread to find out the pros / cons of the TVersity and WDTV Live.

Please share your comments /  experiences.


Tversity is a great product for a PC based media server. The WD sees it and process its content. It can transcribe, so you want to turn it off for content that the WD can handle.  ce

I have only used the free version of it and its very limited unless you pay for the full version. The free version is great for those who experience Network share being dropped by WDTV Live, by accessing the network shares via Tversity.

On the other hand I do have PlayOn for which there isn’t a free version but they do give you 14 day trial full access. It is working great for me as it gives me access to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon VOD, and many other internet based videos. The icing on the cake for PlayOn is that third party developers can develop plugins and scripts that can be added to Playon which gives it acess to a ton of more content.