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Hi all, just wondered if anyone had noticed that when you are retrieving data for tv shows it is using the aired order instead of the dvd order anyone know if this can be changed or if wd/tvdb will be adding this function at a later date? the only reason i ask is that is messes with the auto search and wont complete putting all the data on, also has anyone noticed that some of the album art is real horrible low res quality? young justice for instance is all pixialted and can barely make the picture out, one last problem, whats up with the changing of the artwork every couple of weeks? i wish wd/tvdb would give you the option of which artwork to use i quite like the artwork they choose bar the low res problem i mentioned earlier, but is so annoying that there is no order to the artwork 

many thanks for reading any comments would be appreciated

I assume that most of your problems are to do with tvdb and not WD. Have you checked the artwork at tvdb?

I would recommend using the TVDB XML Fetcher for TV shows. It has an option to use DVD order.

Sadly, none of the tools available do everything correctly.

WDTVHubGen is great for movies, but the XML it creates isn’t “valid” for TV shows.

TVDB XML Fetcher works great for TV metadata but the images it loads from **bleep**.

What I end up doing is processing my TV shows with hubgen to get a good folder.jpg and episode thumbnail, delete the xml and use the fetcher with jpg creation turned off to get good xml.

Overall, Im not too impressed with the TVDB. There are ALOT of issues there with some series and alot of other services seem to use that as their source.

kerric wrote:

TVDB XML Fetcher works great for TV metadata but the images it loads from **bleep**.

Uhm, sorry?  Why do you say that?   My tool doesn’t create images – it just downloads the images that are available from their system.   If the images aren’t good, well, I can’t prevent that…  :)

Don’t belive I stated your program creates bad images, it loads bad images for episode thumbnails. From what I have seen, it loads images meant as backdrops and not only does the Hub not like to load them 100% of the time, they get squished to the size of a standard movie box size. From my experience, the Hub had a hard time dealing with that situation… alot of clocking and general performance issues every time going into those listing.

HubGen does a better job there, sorry if you take offense but it’s the truth.

Then you have the options set wrong. :wink:

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