TV Sony Bravia KDL 40EX710 and WD TV


I have a problem: my WD TV reboots every 2/3 minutes when connected with my Sony Bravia KDL 40EX710, even if the hdmi CEC works very good (infact I can even use the remote control of the Sony TV with the WD TV).

The problem remains also if I use the Composite video connection, not only with the hdmi!

I think that WD TV Live could be not compatible with my Sony tv model, because I have no problems when connecting (hdmi or composite) with my second tv, a small MAJESTIC TVD 215LED.

I already updated the firmware 1.07.15.

How can I remove the problem?

Thank you

There’s no possibility of incompatibility with a composite connection.

You have something else going on… 

Yes, and I’m looking for that “something else” (small or big it could be!).

So far I connected to my tv only a videocamera and the NintendoWii of my children, everytime using only the Composite connection, and I never had problems, so now I’m a little bit confused.

I’m trying to change something in my Sony TV setup, but I don’t find anything to change.

Thank you

What I’m telling you is that your TV has nothing at all to do with it.

When you try it on your 2nd TV, is the WD also connected to the network in both cases?

No, it’s never connected to a network.

In both cases I connect the WD to the TV via HDMI, and it is not connected to any network.

I use an external hard dik or some USB pen drive.

When using composite input on your Sony, do you still have the HDMI lead connected from your WD player?


Yesterday I set up the WD to a low video resolution, and the WD rebooted every 4/5 minutes instead of 2/3: does this mean something?

Today I installed the new firmware version 1.07.18 , but my problem still exists.

I resume:

in my small TV MAJESTIC TVD 215LED, the WD TV works good, both with HDMI connection or Composite connection; but I’m really tired to see my HD movies in a 16" monitor!

in my SONY BRAVIA KDL 40EX710 (40") the WD TV resume every 3 minutes, both with HDMI or Composite connection, also if I have nothing connect with the WD TV, nor internet neither Usb keys!

I already returned it to the dealer, thinking about a manufacturing defect, and he gave me a new WD TV in change, but nothing changed.

Is there someone who can really help me?

And, if not, does someone know who can give me a good technical assistance?

I bought the WD TV because everyone told me it was the best, but… maybe a cheaper one works better

Ok, this not a WDTV issue, if the unit works in one TV it should work on the other one too. Check if the WDTV resolution is in automatic.

Have you contact WD technical support?

Yes, the resolution is now set to automatic; I tried also to set it to a lower resolution, but the only consequence was that the WDTV rebooted every 4 minutes instead of 3.

After installing the new firmwares, in the WDTV but also in the Tv Sony, 2/3 days ago I contacted the WD technical support, and the Sony support too, and I’m waiting for an answer.

Thank you.