TV series Episode JPEGS

I have my TV Series arragned as the following:



season1 (within the folder is a jpeg of the Blade TV cover art )

then I have all 12 episodes in MKV list in the folder as Ep01; Ep02; so forth

I have jpegs for each ep as ep01.jpeg

The episode jpegs show up fine, BUT the jepg episodes have taken over the coverart. 

I want the coverart to show up PLUS a jpeg of each episode. Any help?

Not sure that I entirely understand what is happening and what it is you would like to see as I use the Black Mamba theme to control my TV Season and episode art. But anyway…

Q . What is the file name jpeg of the Blade TV cover art ? I would expect it to be ‘folder.jpg’ or a name that is alphabetically BEFORE the episode jpegs.

Q The last line of your post states “the coverart to show up PLUS a jpeg of each episode”. At the same time? Is that possible without Moviesheets?

I’d be interested in how you resolve this.

Good luck

How do you do moviesheets with TV Series?

First, how are you generating your data, through the “Get Content Info” function or via 3rd party software like Thumbgen?

I figured it out

Here is the structure I am using to show coverart of tv series and jpeg of each episode

TV Series










It works great

I’m glad you have found a solution to your problem :smiley:

One thing to bear in mind for the future is that it would appear that you are relying on the unit to select the preferred image by dint of alphabetical order. If you were to switch to use of ‘folder.jpg’ at both a Series and Season folder level you should get the same behaviour AND be assured that the correct image is chosen, irrespective of what the individual episode file names are called.

Just a suggestion - not a criticism

I will try that.